Why Aikido?

Are you thinking of training in Aikido, and wondering if it’s right for you? Are you already a student, or a teacher, always looking to share the benefits of Aikido? This ever-growing collection of articles looks at why Aikido is an excellent choice for people of all ages and abilities.

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We have so many choices for how to spend our limited free time. Do we socialize with friends? Work out at the gym? Master a new skill? Meditate and de-stress? Aikido offers benefits of all these options — community, fitness, enhanced emotional and cognitive health, the pursuit of mastery, and calm introspection — plus much more.

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Movement Helps Children Learn

Aikido combines learning through movement, awareness of our own bodies in space, and mindful moving meditation. In Aikido, students learn experientially, with the guidance of an instructor. We are shown…

Aikido: It Can Change Your Life

This inspiring article is an excellent introduction to some of the important benefits of training in Aikido. It describes the story of Kara Stewart, who—through her Aikido practice— found the…

Aikido, and Exercise for Disease Treatment

A regular habit of vigorous physical activity can be as effective as drugs in preventing, treating, or managing many health conditions – especially “diseases of civilization,” also called “lifestyle diseases,”…

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