Favorite Posts

I’ve written over 400 posts here since I started training in early 2009. There are a couple hundred drafts waiting to be finalized and published, and hundreds more bouncing around in my head. It can get a little unwieldy to find the ones you want to read.

You could start at the very first one and read all of them in order if you like. (I should probably do that myself.) Or you could browse through the collections of information and posts that are presented in the menus. This section contains some of my favorite posts, and posts I think will be especially appreciated by certain audiences.

Collections of Favorite Posts

  • My Own Favorites – Some of the more significant personal moments in my Aikido training – beginnings, dreams, epiphanies, rough spots, and realizations.
  • The Mirror, My Columns – I also write columns from time to time on AikiWeb, an online international Aikido community. This page lists them all, with links to that great site.
  • Posts for Horse People – It was through riding and horsemanship that I originally got into Aikido. Many of my posts blur the boundaries between those two worlds.
  • Guest Posts – A few friends have been kind enough to share their writings here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
  • Browsing – How to Use Tags – Tags are a great way to browse through blog posts, but lots of folks are lost about how to use them. This page explains them in plain English.
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