Life lessons from last night’s class, in which Sensei focused on good ukemi in freestyle:

  • Be present in your body.
  • Don’t go, or take a fall, in anticipation of what you think is coming.
  • Feel what’s actually happening.
  • Stay soft and responsive. 
  • Spring back the moment the pressure is off.
  • Keep your integrity. 
  • You have more power in the situation when you have a solid base.
  • Keep moving. Do something. Don’t just stand there and wait for the attack to come.
  • By choosing how you invite the attack, you will be better able to deal with it.
  • If your balance is really taken, go with it. Make the new direction yours. Own it. 
  • Keep your center, and be ready to respond to openings for reversals.

Important points to take to heart, in Aikido and in everything.

Along those same lines, via my friend William Cummings on Facebook yesterday:
“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles , but most of them never happened .”
– Mark Twain

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