Aikido – A Safer Activity for Kids (and Grownups, Too)

In Aikido, our goal is to keep ourselves and our partners safe. Injury is not supposed to be part of the practice.

When thinking about activities for your children (and for yourself), please consider choosing Aikido. In training we don’t punch or kick our partners, and we learn to roll and fall safely, protecting our bodies from hard impacts. This is especially important in avoiding traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can cause a lifetime of troubles and disability.

The risks associated with repeated head trauma are better understood, and have been widely publicized in recent years. Here you can watch Frontline’s League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis on

Aikido is an especially good option for kids and teens, whose bodies are not developed enough to withstand the pounding of high-impact activities.

And the training goes much deeper than just a sport. Aikido teaches us to work together, with each other and with our circumstances, not to oppose, fight, and conquer. Aikido training serves us in our lives off the mat, too.

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