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I have been examining my own training, observing the teaching, and writing about my experiences in Aikido from the start. This experience gives me the perspective to see the art and communicate through beginners’ eyes. It’s my goal to apply my background in psychology, technical communication, user experience analysis, fitness coaching, and my own Aikido training to empower people, especially beginners.

On a Mission to Empower People. How?

  • Sharing what Aikido has to offer.
  • Encouraging people to see that Aikido is something they could do.
  • Helping new students gain confidence and stick with their training.
  • Helping beginners of all ages, abilities, and body types succeed in their physical training.
  • Supporting new students in finding deeper meaning in their practice.

I am also committed to supporting teachers in helping their new students succeed — especially adult beginning students. It’s often been a long time since most adults have had to learn a new physical skill. People who see themselves as competent in other areas of life suddenly can’t seem to do anything right. They can easily become discouraged, and sometimes quit early on, when things seem difficult or confusing.

Virtual Open Mat Sessions

Is there something you are struggling with? Want to round out your rolls? Would it help to get into better shape for training? Maybe we can explore it together! Let’s get together and see how we can put all remote video technology to good use.

Special Teachings for Beginners

I have created a growing set of experiential exercises and visualizations, with step-by-step progressions to Aikido techniques, to help new students catch on more quickly to some of the basics of Aikido. I will be presenting these in my upcoming books for beginners (both for adults and children, and for instructors), and possibly in videos as well. These exercises can be presented in 45- to 90-minute classes, and can trigger immediate and lasting improvements in your (or your students’) Aikido.

Need a speaker for your school, club, or professional group?

I would love to introduce your group to Aikido, the martial art of peace. Please contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Email me, and let’s chat about how I can help.

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