Helpful Stuff

From time to time I’ve shared things that might be useful for reference, especially for new students, and possibly for new teachers, too. For too long they’ve been buried in the heap of hundreds of posts from years of writing.

Pages full of potentially useful information:

  • Japanese Words in Aikido – My posts about learning the terminology we use in Aikido.
  • How To Go To Aikido Seminars, Camps, and Retreats – Practical tips, cautionary tales, and (coming soon) packing lists you can use, and instructions for making your own airline-safe carrier for hauling sticks to seminars.
  • My Exam Videos – For better or worse, in all their honest glory, complete videos of each of my exams, 6th kyu through shodan.

Planned for the future …

  • Running Dojos and Seminars – Thoughts on seminar organization and logistics, and dojo promotion and management.
  • Teaching Ideas for Instructing Adults and Children – Some unique and random ways I communicate Aikido principles.
  • Tips on How to Learn – What to watch for in demonstrations, mnemonics for remembering, how to practice visualization.
  • Templates for Your Dojo to Use – Downloadable starting points for creating your own event and seminar flyers.



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