Dojo Operations and Seminar Management

I don’t run a dojo. Someday, maybe… But not yet. So, there’s that.

I do help out at my home dojo, and with the events we offer. Plus I do a lot of observing when I go to other dojos, seminars, and retreats. I try to notice what works and what doesn’t. I make a lot of mental notes. Sometimes I even write them down.

I also have decades of business experience, mostly as the owner, or one of the owner. I’ve organized conferences, designed facilities, handled business relocations, developed websites, and have been responsible for advertising, marketing, and sales. So I might know a thing or two.

Managing Dojos and Organizing Seminars

This collection will be growing. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Ideas for Seminar Organizers: Weapons – Some observations and tips for people running seminars where weapons may (or may not) be required.

Topics for Future Exploration:

Seminar Management Checklist

Tips for Organizing a Retreat

How to Handle Retreat Logistics

Promoting Your Aikido Event