From Aikido to Zanshin – 26 Essays on the Martial Art of Peace

During April 2016 I participated, along with hundreds of writers around the world, in the 7th annual Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Each day (except for Sundays) I posted thoughts on a topic beginning with that day’s letter of the alphabet. On Sundays I’m posted a relevant photo. To add to the fun, I have enabled comments for these posts. So please jump in and share your thoughts and questions.

The peaceful martial art of Aikido has a lot to offer, and many people simple aren’t aware of it, or have only a vague understanding of the practice. This series of posts is appropriate for anyone with even a casual interest in Aikido. That is, they are not technical, how-to, or minutiae about the art. They are highly accessible and inclusive. If you are already familiar with Aikido, I invite you to share these with your friends and family, to give them a better idea of why you train.

This series will soon be available as a book, both in print and for Kindle, too!

Aikido from A to Z:

A – Aikido – Practicing Harmony – A Good Idea for Bad Times
B – Beginner’s Mind – The Power of the Empty Teacup
PHOTO – Aikido is Active Fun for Kids
C – Community – Evolving Together
D – Dojo – The Place of The Way
E – Elephants and Blind Men – Aikido Is An Elephant
F – Fun – Vibrant and Joyful Training
G – Grounded – Being Stable, and Settled
H – History – How Aikido Came Into Being
PHOTO – We’re All on the Same Side
I – Inclusion – Aikido is for All People
J – Japan – Language, Etiquette, and Culture in Aikido
K – Kihon Waza – Practicing Basic Technique
L – Life Lessons – Taking Your Aikido into the World
M – Mastery – The Endless Path
N – Nage and Uke – The Relationship Between Partners
PHOTO – The Dojo – Because Some Things Can’t be Found on the Internet
O – O Sensei – Morihei Ueshiba
P – Presence – Being In The Moment
Q – Qualities – Discovering and Developing Our Better Selves
R – Ruthless Compassion – Resolution Without Apology
S – Sensei – What It Means to Have a Teacher
T – Testing – Taking It to The Next Level
PHOTO – Yudansha Books
U – Ukemi – Learning to Roll with the Punches
V – Violence – Controlling Our Own Violence
W – Weapons – Refining Technique, Forging Spirit
X – X Chromosomes – Being a Woman in Aikido
Y – Yin-Yang – Inseparable Halves of a Whole
Z – Zanshin – Ongoing Awareness and Connection
PHOTO – Nadeau Shihan – Ask Who You Need To Be

Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing!