How To Go To Aikido Seminars, Camps, and Retreats

Flying to a weekend seminar, taking the train to training, or setting out on a road trip to a week-long retreat? I’ve been there, done that – a lot! Here are some questions to ask, things to do ahead of time, and killer packing lists you can download and use so everything goes smoothly and you have a great experience.

Some Posts About Traveling and Training

A basic discussion, first: What’s the big deal anyway? Why seminars?

Here’s something from early in my training, including some “how not to do it” lessons: How to go to your first big seminar.

Good information for anyone : Ten Tips for Visiting Another Dojo

About preparing for a long road trip: Going to the Aiki Summer Retreat 2013!

Going to camp? You’ll need a good campfire sing-along song! Gimme That Old-Time Aikido

The story of my very pleasant Surprise Visit to Orange County Aikido.

Reflections from a trip up north: A Lifetime on the Train

A collection of great California History Resources for Road Trips.

The above resources were instrumental in preparing for my big Aiki Road Trip, Granlibakken 2023

Coming soon… Travel tips and packing lists you can use when you hit the road!


Questions to get answered well ahead of time.

To-do list for getting ready ahead of time.

Things to know about visiting other dojos.

Where Are You Going?

Seminar or training for the day at a local dojo.

Seminar or training at a dojo in another city.

Retreat or camp on a college campus.

Retreat or camp at a resort or retreat center.

Retreat at a church camp or scout camp facility.

How Will You Be Getting There?

Road trip!

Taking the train.

Flying on the airlines.

Taking weapons … er … “dancing sticks” on the plane.

Special Cases

Will there be meditation?

Will there be swimming?

Will there be hiking?

Do you have weird dietary requirements?

Medical conditions?

Taking fitness or physical therapy equipment?

Will you be doing photography?

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