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In addition to writing here, I am part of a group of women called “The Mirror,” on AikiWeb. We write a column there, taking turns each month, and giving each other feedback to fine-tune our work. This is a tremendous group of thoughtful, intelligent, and expressive women comprises Janet Rosen, Katherine Derbyshire, Susan Dalton, Pauliina Lievonen, and Al Garcia. I’m honored to be included, and we have become good friends over the years.

You can find the complete listing of all The Mirror’s columns here on AikiWeb.

The Mirror Columns That I Have Written:

These columns are usually a good bit longer than my typical blog posts. I hope you enjoy them.

Each link opens an AikiWeb page in a new window or tab, so you don’t lose your place here.

Learning by Feel – 10 December, 2009

About the evocative, emotional, and memorable nature of physical sensation, and beginning to learn through feeling beautiful technique. My first column with The Mirror, written when I was a 6th kyu (very beginning rank) student.

Aikido and the Path to Better Horsemanship – 15 June, 2010

Taking lessons from training in Aikido and applying them to some difficulties I’d been having in the area of horsemanship.

Go Slowly – 13 October, 2010

Thoughts on learning motor skills, and muscle memory, including reflections on earlier skill-learning experiences.

Learning Through Feeling – 19 May, 2011

Observations on beginning to grasp the potential of embodiment and somatic experiencing.

Lessons from Missed Classes – 17 November, 2011

On showing up and paying attention, and what happens when we don’t.

In the Spirit of Partnership – 21 August, 2012

Relating an “aha moment,” in which I began to see the potential of applying the way we train in Aikido to other areas of our lives.

What I Learned by Not Going to a Seminar – 31 December, 2012

Considering the learning and growth that can come from staying behind when others go off to a seminar, including my first teaching experiences, and getting a taste of what it takes to run a dojo.

A Rising Tide – 11 March, 2013

Reflections on exam preparation and being a part of a wonderfully supportive dojo community.

Learning How I Learn – 21 May, 2013

Taking lessons from past experiences in learning and applying them to my training on the mat.

Don’t Miss This! – 29 September, 2013

A look at the ephemeral nature of teachers and teachings, and how each encounter and moment is precious.

Cultivating Yin and Yang – 26 February, 2014

Thoughts on expanding my range further in both directions on the continuum of feminine and masculine.

Training New Muscles – 28 July, 2014

Considering some of the principles of good horsemanship, and exploring how they relate to Aikido.

One Thing Happening – 30 March, 2015

About handling logistics for a large Aikido retreat, and how the things we practice on the mat – awareness, connection, entering in, physical training, and gratitude – all played a part in my experience.

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