Practice Aikido—Improve Your Brain and Your Reality

In this 20-minute TEDx presentation, therapist Mark Robert Waldman discusses the neurological effects of our thoughts, from big ideas and spirituality, to complaining and ruminating on negative thoughts. Our thoughts physically change our brain—they change what we are prone to thinking and feeling.

The talk is a little dry, but it’s important information. I hope you’ll watch it. Paraphrasing loosely from the video:

“Big ideas, like peace, compassion, or love can help you build a better brain, reduce anxiety, or improve cognition and social awareness.”

In Aikido training we are focused in a kind of moving meditation on these big ideas – things like gratitude, trust, partnership, and compassion. We are literally engaging in the kind of practice that makes our brains healthier and more resilient.

“By visualizing a big idea, you begin to align yourself with your dream, your goal, your vision. When you focus on peace, that begins to become your inner and your outer reality.”