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You can use the tag “horsemanship” to see all my posts that relate to riding, horsekeeping, training, and so on. These are a few of my favorites on the subject.

Rainy, and Real-life Ukemi – 26 December, 2009

A wake-up call about the state of my horse’s training. In Aikido, “ukemi” includes the falling and rolling we practice, so we can hit the ground without being injured.

“The Kihon Waza of Horse Training” by Cherie Cornmesser – 28 December, 2009

A guest post by my friend Cherie, in Pennsylvania, about the importance the value of training in the basics, in both Aikido and horsemanship.

Training with My Whole Heart – 12 April, 2011

Discovering who you are means also discovering who you are not. This is my story of giving up riding and horse ownership, and turning my attention more fully toward my Aikido practice.

O Sensei Raised Horses!!! – 20 February, 2012

About discovering, in a book by John Stevens Sensei, that O Sensei in fact raised horses. I thought that must have been so, but this is the only evidence I have so far.

Vale, Eeyore – 18 July, 2014

I guess “favorite” isn’t the right word. Reflections on the final days of our donkey, Eeyore, and letting him go. It’s a long one, and hard to read. If you’re facing that difficult decision, you might find it worth a look.

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