On Saturday we had a short but awesome class with Yoshi Shibata Sensei, who introduced us to his “Yoshi Sticks” to help us see the direction of energy and connection between Uke and Nage. (At Two Rivers Budo, during the Weekend Intensive with George Ledyard Sensei)

“As a martial artist, you can never have too much sensitivity. What you want to eliminate is reactivity.”

George Ledyard Sensei, at his Weekend Intensive at Two Rivers Budo, Sacramento. Adam Fong, uke.

Studying irimi, including algebra, physics, pick pocketing, black holes, motion receptors, attention, misogi, tomoe, drawing-in, and collusion.

Group photo!

Many thanks to Ledyard Sensei for three days of challenging, fun, and thought-provoking instruction; to Yoshi Shibata Sensei for an enlightening class on Saturday; and to Geoff Yudien, Adam Fong, and their students for hosting another great seminar.

Weekend Intensive with George Ledyard Sensei at Two Rivers Budo, Sacramento, CA