The view from the mat this morning.

The first session, at 7, focused on breathing. Next class starts at 10. Time to go jot down some notes, and stretch.

Midnight snack. Or maybe “Still Life With Peanut Butter.” This camp is not a fancy resort, but it’s pretty new, and they are taking great care of us. Dinner was very good. I had an awesome salad and some rice, plus hard-boiled eggs I brought. The lodge is dark, except for this one corner with some snacks left out for us. It’s quarter to midnight, and there are two of us on the mat taking advantage of the WiFi. I’m having peanut butter on apples for a treat.

I will probably be posting a little barrage of posts once or twice a day. We start early tomorrow – 7:00 – with bokken. Class tonight ended at 10:00, and I got showered right after, so all I have to do is roll out of bed, throw on my gi, and head down the hill to the lodge in the morning.

Home, sweet home, for the next two days. There are eleven of us here from Aikido of San Diego, in addition to Sensei. We have two cabins, with enough bunks that we get a whole one each (top and bottom). The cabins are very simple, but new and clean. The mattress looks pretty minimal, but really I’m so tired I done care. :-)

The drive here was two days of flat farmland, and rolling grassy hills dotted with oaks. Suddenly, just a few miles before the camp, there are trees. The camp itself is densely forested. This circle of Sequoias is along the path from our cabins down to the lodge. It’s a beautiful place!

This is inside the main lodge. We have it set up with about 2/3 mat space, and 1/3 dining area.

Today Nadeau Sensei taught most of the time, with Elaine Yoder Sensei teaching a bit before dinner.

We don’t have many toll roads in San Diego, and none that I take regularly. For some reason toll roads freak me out. They don’t tell you very far ahead how much the toll is, and I never know whether there will be people who can make change, or if you have to toss coins into a basket thing. This one was $5, which I had handy, and it was staffed by really nice people.