Getting Ready for a Retreat

This is the last weekend day before our second big Joshua Tree Evolutionary Aikido Retreat 2016. It starts on Friday, and I need to be out the door and on the road by 8 a.m.

Getting ready to head off to a retreat, or any trip, really, can be an experience which focuses attention and helps set priorities in order. Time is very limited. I can’t afford to make two trips to the store. Clothes that don’t make it into the laundry by Thursday evening aren’t going. If it doesn’t have to be done, it’s not going to get done. I’m constantly questioning myself. “Is this the most important thing I could be doing right now?” “Could I just drop this and still be OK?”

So what has to be done?

  • My body has to be in the best condition possible. Do PT exercises. Foam roll. Eat well. Get plenty of sleep.
  • I have to be sure my car is safe to drive. New tires, check. Must get the oil changed and fluids topped off.
  • The animals have to be cared for. Leave clear instructions for Michael. Leave the barn and feed in good shape.
  • Michael has to be happy. Put away my mess from packing, and leave the house in decent shape.
  • I have some special dietary requirements. Buy protein bars and bananas. Boil a dozen eggs.
  • I need gis and clothing and stuff. Do laundry. Pack. Double-check lists.
  • I can’t abandon the rest of life. Take care of personal training clients. Write. Train.

I do not have to read that fascinating article I just saw. I don’t have to help a random person identify a weed. The pile of papers on my desk does not have to be sorted right now. That project I’ve been meaning to get around to isn’t urgent.

It’s kind of like life. We always have a limited time. It’s just having a clear deadline that puts things into sharp focus.

Time to get to it!

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