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As I’m preparing for my upcoming sandan demo (third-degree black belt test) I’m reviewing all the blends and techniques I can think of. I’ve created a spacious worksheet for jotting down notes as I’m training with my friends and mentors, so important ideas aren’t lost in random notebooks and slips of paper — or in my head. Just as I was getting ready to start filling in my own notes it occurred to me that others might like a handy worksheet, too!

So here it is!

  • This is a blank worksheet for writing your own technique notes. It doesn’t include my notes about how to do any of the blends or techniques.
  • It covers all the common empty-handed tachi-waza (standing) attacks and techniques I could think of, with space to add special ones you might be working on.
  • There are two pages per attack, with space for notes on blends, numbered techniques (ikkyo through gokyo), and other techniques (irimi-nage, kokyu-nage, sumi-otoshi, etc.)
  • It does not include weapons techniques, kata, take-aways, partner practices, etc.

Get Your Worksheet Here

Aikido Technique Notes Worksheet – in Google Docs
You don’t have to sign up for anything. Just go get it. Free! Yay!

Save a copy to your own Google account, then you can use, print, and modify it however you like.

If you don’t have a Google account you can still download a PDF and print that. You can download it as a Word doc, too, but I can’t guarantee all the formatting and tables will come through correctly. Worth a try, though!

If you see any typos or other errors please let me know and I’ll fix them. Thanks!

Share with Your Friends and Dojo Mates

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And of course this happened seconds after taking the photo for this post:

Charlie, our fat cat, standing on the pages I was trying to photograph for this post.
Charlie would rather I feed him (again), instead of trying to photograph these silly papers. (As you can see, he’s starved.)

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