Administrivia: Shutting Down Comments

I enabled comments as an experiment during the April A-Z Challenge. Bleh! Sifting through the spam has gotten totally out of hand. So no more comments.

Someday I may have the time and inclination to deal with the plug-ins and settings to manage comments, but not right now. This morning there were 98,127 comments “held for moderation” here. I’m sure at least 98,125 of them were outright spam. The ongoing challenge of sorting through them is impossible. There are ways to allow comments and set it up so that doesn’t happen, but it’s not going to happen today. If you were one of the rare souls who posted a legit comment, I apologize – they are all gone now, even the ones I’d approved in the past.

There are other ways to interact. Share my posts with your friends, tag me if you like, ping me on social media… You can find me on Facebook (Linda Eskin), and sometimes I drop in on Twitter (@LindaEskin). I invite you to also follow my Facebook pages: Linda Eskin, Author, and Fit Coach Linda. And of course there is email (which I check less frequently): linda (at) lindaeskin (dot) com.

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