Back from Camp

Back from the 3rd annual O Sensei Revisited camp in Occidental, CA. It’s an intense, intimate camp in a beautiful setting. The focus is on teaching/learning O Sensei’s developmental process through experiential work – both technique and other exercises. It’s a lot of training packed into 3 days!

A little achy here and there from lots of training (and sleeping on a weird mattress), but mostly rested and awake after a couple of good nights’ sleep. It was great to see so many friends, hang out with my dojomate/roommate, Karen, and Sensei, and to meet a bunch of new folks. Pushed a few limits, learned a few new things, and was reminded of many more learnings that had faded. Lots to think about, embody, and incorporate into daily training. More inspired than ever about training for my upcoming (someday) shodan (first black belt) exam “later this year,” and recommitting to studying (reading, reviewing notes, watching videos, and consciously learning), and to writing (both my blog and my next book), even in the midst of house renovation chaos.

Already looking forward to going again next year – I hear it’s scheduled for the end of April. Check with City Aikido (Robert Nadeau Shihan’s dojo) in San Francisco for details.