Way Late on Wednesday Night

A quick update at about 1:30 a.m. (actually Thursday morning), with some highlights from the day:

Wrapping teardrop-shaped energy around Uke in a very cool gyakute-dori blend. A clattery connection exercise with jo – imagine a gym full of loudly-ticking clocks. Gluten-free, low-garlic pasta made special for me by the awesome kitchen staff. Training with Daniel Lance Sensei, doing techniques with breakfalls – after dinner. Hanging out and talking with my roommate, Glynis. Hearing “Danny Boy” coming up through the room below us – we put our ears on the floor to listen. And then I went down there and traded songs with David Floeter and Francis Takahashi Shihan.

Many, many more awesome moments, too, but tomorrow is Nadeau day, and the first class, with Johnny Newsome, is at 7:00, so it’s time to stop writing and get some sleep.