Waiting at the gate to head to Sacramento, and from there on to Quincy for the Aiki Summer Retreat. Packing for a trip reveals one’s priorities. My carry-on bag contains 4 gis, my belt, enough daily-wear contact lenses for the week, my buckwheat filled pillow, (without which I would be a physical wreck), several small notebooks, and a handful of new pens. I have my wallet, my iPhone, and my iPad in my purse. :-) Everything else is in my checked bags, and can be replaced if need be.

I got to the airport almost 2 hours early. Check in went smoothly, and I’ve spent about half an hour talking to a woman on her way to Vegas, about travel, business stuff, and managing workgroups. Now sitting in the floor. There are chairs available, but I’m going to have to sit in a chair for an hour and a half once I get on the plane, so I’m avoiding them.

I think they are calling for our boarding. I’m almost last. Should be interesting.