Hitting the Road, Again

Last weekend I participated in a seminar at my own dojo, with Sensei and a guest instructor – some of it at a retreat center in our local mountains. It was lovely and loving, thought-provoking and embodied, inspiring and intense. One of those experiences I need to sit with for a while, and ruminate over, but also with some immediate impact.

Now sometime well before sunrise on Thursday I will be up and on my way to the train station, for an 18-hour scenic journey to an Aikido seminar I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

I plan to be posting en route, about recent insights, frustrations, and joys. As usual for road trips, please forgive typos, short posts, etc. I may not have Internet access all the time, and will be posting from my iPhone and iPad. I’m really excited about the trip, about seeing friends, and about experiencing some great Aikido. Please join me.