Road Trip Preparations

I shouldn’t be sitting here writing. I should be doing my laundry, feeding the donkeys, and getting everything packed and ready to go. I’ll be leaving first thing Thursday, and it’s only Tuesday night, but I want to have a relaxed evening before I leave, and not be up late. So I’ll get as much done tonight as I can.

It’s just after 10 p.m. I trained tonight, as usual, two classes. A lot of people are flying up, so I’m bringing some unwieldy things in the car – blankets, pillows, and toiletries bigger than the 3-ounces that airlines allow. I think I have 6 or 7 sets of weapons. I’ve lost count. I’ll get them all their safely, and then we’ll sort them out.

I was toying with taking the Pearblossom Highway, instead of going through Mojave (to avoid L.A.), but I just tried to look up what interesting things might be along the way, and discovered this description on Wikipedia:

“Pearblossom is well known by Southlanders as the home of one of the most dangerous roads in the US. State Route 138 (Pearblossom Highway) is the main street in Pearblossom and as of 2004 has been the location of numerous serious and fatal automobile accidents in its Palmdale to I-15 segment. It is known locally as Deathtrap Highway.”

Well that’s nice… I think I’ll go through Mojave. Probably not a lot better, but I’m familiar with the road, and it’s a nice enough drive.

It’s been a very busy time at work. Fun stuff we’re working on, but it’s time for a break. One more day to wrap things up until next week. I’m really looking forward to this trip! Time to slow down, breathe, be outdoors… Time to be alone, and time to be with friends. 

I’d best start my laundry, get the camera batteries charging, pack stuff up, back up my iPhone and load it up with fresh playlists… Oh, and sleep.

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