Finally ready to go!

Camera batteries are charged, and SD cards cleared. Gis are washed and folded. Comfy road trip clothes, check – stretchy jeans, flip-flops, and pink Life Is Good tee Routes are mapped, and everything is in the car. 

I am running, predictably, 3 hours late. Still hoping to arrive in Livermore for the class with Saotome Sensei, which starts at 6:30. According to Google maps, I-15 to I-5 should take 8 hours and 1 minute, in current traffic. 488 miles. I’ve got 9 hours. 

So climb in, sit down, and fasten your seatbelt. Music for getting on the road: Safri Duo. Grab yourself a creme soda from that little blue cooler under your feet and run the window down. All set? Let’s go!

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