Aiki Retreat Road Trip!

On Saturday morning I head off on my big Aikido adventure of the year, a road trip to the week-long Aiki Retreat at Menlo College in the Bay Area. This is my first live-in, out-of-town Aikido seminar, and I’m really excited to be going! Summer camp! Woohooo!

The instructors are Robert Nadeau Shihan, Frank Doran Shihan, and Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, and Mary Heiny Sensei. I’ve been in seminars with each of them twice before, except for just one seminar with Mary Heiny Sensei. I’m looking forward to exploring their teaching in more depth.

I’ve been keeping my to-do and packing lists in an earlier blog post. Everything is done except for vacuuming the car, putting on the new wiper blades, and printing a sheet of contact info in case my phone falls into a water trough or something.

I’ll be taking two days to drive up, and two days back, visiting horsey friends along the way in Fresno, Livermore, and San Juan Bautista. Here’s a map of my route, if you’re into that sort of thing. 

I plan to post a lot of photos, observations, insights, and other random blabbering here, from my iPhone, so my blog will be rather busy and random for a while. Expect typos and incomplete thoughts! I’ll be on the road June 11-19. I won’t be checking email while I’m away, so use Facebook (I’m easy to find) or text messages (619 368-4333) if you want to say hi. 

Hope to see you there!