Dorm Room at Aiki Retreat

Small but quite comfortable. Mine is downright austere compared to some. People have drapes, rugs, plants, art, etc.! I did not over-pack, either. If you don’t have a little lamp, you have to climb down from bed to hit the switch on the wall. The drying rack and fan are necessities. I am putting my yoga mat, foam roller, and exercise bands to good use. And I could not live without my cooler full of ice packs. (I can’t take anti-inflammatories, so it’s ice or nothing, and ice is probably a healthier choice for just about anyone, anyway.) It’s reasonably cool here, but still sweaty in the gym. I brought 3 gi, and about 8 sets of underwear, and I think I’ll need to do laundry at least twice just to make if through the week. I do wish I’d brought a bathrobe, but am getting by fine just trundling down the hall in a big towel. Next time, a bathrobe, and hangers.