Aikido Bridge 2011 – Sunday

Wow… What a fun day. Started to get a few things. I really enjoyed Tissier Sensei’s class, which was all about connection and honest ukemi. I got to train with several people who were very good, and also gave me a few very helpful pointers. We got to stick with the same kinds of exercises for quite a long time, which allowed for some experimentation, and a few light-bulb moments. I got to work with Tissier himself briefly, which was an honor. Kinda screwed up the connection point of the exercise when I tried to come back up from a fall, but he still had me. D’oh!  

I also really enjoyed Doran Sensei’s class, although in my exhaustion-addled state I can’t recall what we worked on. Some of it was nikkyo, and I have to say I really enjoyed training with Adam, who is a model of relaxed, force-free, effective Aikido. His technique is very quiet, unhurried, and gentle, and will drop you to your knees as well (or better) than someone cranking on your wrist. Really a pleasure to train with and learn from.

Bless Ikeda Sensei’s heart, he has gotten video of the whole seminar, and will be offering the DVDs to participants. I’m bringing my check tomorrow! That will be tremendously helpful for recall later.

Ikeda Sensei’s tanto class was fun. Lots of very solid techniques with interesting ukemi. I trained with people at a variety of levels, and we did the baby version of the technique (the slo-mo, non-high-fall kind). Everyone I trained with, thankfully (even when we both ended up on the mat) went slowly, and was very careful. Did some potential arm-breaking things, if people got rushy or forceful. 

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