It’s Seminar Time!

Starting this evening I’m off to the Aikido Bridge Friendship Seminar (14-18 January, 2010, at Jiai Aikido, in San Diego). For anyone who’s curious, here are some videos (by others, from other events) of the three featured instructors:

Christian Tissier Shihan

“Christian Tissier 7th dan Aikikai Shihan, Austria, Vienna, Matsumae Budocenter, 19-20. 12. 2009 ”

Hirsohi Ikeda Shihan

“Hirsohi Ikeda Sensei demonstrating the principles of "aiki” during a class at the ASU Summer camp in Colorado.“

Frank Doran Shihan

"Frank Doran Shihan at Aikido Summer Camp in the Rockies 2007.”

And you can go to Shutterfly for a slideshow of photos from the 2007 Aikido Bridge Friendship Seminar