Hard Day, Fun Weapons Class

Day 14 of 16. Today at work was harsh. Plowed through work all day long, and then an hour before I had to leave, I realized there was a huge chunk more that had to be done. If my day were randori, I’d let myself end up in the middle, and all the attackers were on me. I haven’t been out walking for 2 days, and my legs felt like achy blocks of concrete. My left shoulder has been bugging me, so I was icing it at my desk.  I wouldn’t have gone to class, except that I said I was going to. I didn’t figure my brain could absorb a lot more today. I was tired and overwhelmed, and really feeling the need for rest.

That all vanished after a minute or two on the mat. Everyone was in a wonderful mood. I had plenty of time to warm up. My front and back rolls were better tonight. I got most of the techniques at least halfway correct. I felt focused and centered, and had a very pleasant time in class. Yay!

Tonight was a weapons class with Sensei. We did tanto, which I think I’ve only worked with once or twice before. Even techniques that sometimes turn my mind into a pretzel seemed easier.

I was gonna go to class anyway, because I said I would, but now I’m really glad I did.

Off to dinner and a quiet evening, with more energy that I’m going to need for another intense day at the office tomorrow.

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