Lunch break! Playing with the high-fall practice spotting-rig thingie at Two Rivers Budo.

Concept: Adam Fong
Craftsmanship: Hannes Stein

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“The gears have to mesh before the drive gear can affect the other one. Don’t start your tenkan [rotation] until you’ve made the connection with your partner.”

Ledyard Sensei (Paraphrased.)

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A koan for us to contemplate: “What happens to the the whole concept of timing, when we introduce the concept of already?”

George Ledyard Sensei, at his Weekend Intensive, Two Rivers Budo, Sacramento, CA

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Look! There was room for a little yoga studio / dojo on the train. :-)

My first reaction to seeing it? “BWAAAHAHAAA! MINE!!!”

This used to be, I think, the Arcade Car – with crappy old video games, or maybe it was a baggage area. In any case, several of us found refuge down there, in the basement of the car. There was a guy who does Tai Chi, and has sciatica, who was as happy as I was to have found an open space to move and stretch. Several others dropped by, including a Mennonite family with tiny kids. A bunch of us hung out down there for the Atlas V launch, did some yoga, went through Aikido class warmups, etc. Every long-distance train should have a room like this! 

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I traveled from San Diego to Sacramento today on Amtrak, for the Weekend Intensive Seminar with George Ledyard Sensei at Two Rivers Budo. Great fun, and a beautiful ride! Very excited about the seminar – I’ve been wanting to do a seminar with Ledyard Sensei almost since I started training. But first, sleep. 24 hours awake is quite enough. Up again in 5 hours.

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“If you’re not smiling, you’re not training in Aikido.”

Frank Doran Sensei

Thanks to Bill Perrett for sharing this on Facebook. :-)
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