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I was honored to learn that is included in "Top Martial Arts Blogs You Should Follow In 2020 and again in 2021," by James Davis, Chief Editor of MMA Station, calling it "a fantastic resource for anyone interested in taking up the Japanese Martial Art." and "Through her blog, Linda offers some fantastic insights into her experiences with Aikido, as well as some brilliant beginners guides for those new to the martial art."

More recently, GrabMyWrist was also included in "50 Best Aikido Learning Blogs and Websites."

One of my favorite sempai, Johnathon Purcell, tested for shodan yesterday. Here is slo-mo video of his first throw in his new hakama.
He started at Aikido of San Diego when he was 11 years old. He’s off to college at UC Berkeley on Wednesday. He’s a perceptive and thoughtful student and teacher, kind and highly competent. I’ve been very fortunate to train with him since I started practicing Aikido in May. I and our whole dojo are going to miss him something awful. If you’re up that way, perhaps he’ll turn up at your dojo.