Want a Hand?

As one who has been examining my training, observing the teaching, and writing about my experiences in Aikido from the start, I am uniquely positioned to see the art and communicate through beginners’ eyes.

My primary area of interest is in sharing Aikido, encouraging people to see what it might offer, and supporting beginners in their physical training, and in deepening their experience of the practice.

I am also committed to supporting more advanced teachers in helping their new students succeed, especially adult beginners. It’s often been a long time since most adults have had to learn a new physical skill. People who see themselves as competent in other areas of life suddenly can’t seem to do anything right. They can easily become discouraged, and sometimes quit early on, when things seem difficult or confusing.

Virtual Open Mat Sessions

Is there something you are struggling with? Want to round out your rolls? Would it help to get into better shape for training? Maybe we can explore it together! I’m experimenting with video conferencing (Zoom) and broadcasting (Periscope or Facebook Live), to see how we can put all this technology to good use. Let’s schedule a time and give it a try!

Special Teachings for Beginners

I have created a set of experiential exercises and visualizations, with step-by-step progressions to Aikido techniques, to help new students catch on more quickly to some of the basics of Aikido. I will be presenting these in my upcoming books for beginners (both for adults and children, and for instructors), and possibly in videos as well. These exercises can be presented in 45- to 90-minute classes, and can trigger immediate and lasting improvements in your (or your students’) Aikido.

Need a speaker for your school, club, or professional group?

I would love to introduce your group to Aikido, the martial art of peace. Please contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Improve your dojo website or event marketing

Could you use a hand fine-tuning your dojo, school, studio, or gym brand or messaging? Wondering how to improve your website? Is social media a mystery? Lost about mailing lists?

Maybe you just need a professional-looking event flyer template you can re-use every time you offer a seminar, or a shoulder to lean on while you get your Facebook Page up and running.

I can help! I have years of successful work in online marketing, website design, graphic design, photography, technical communication, software/app creation, and user experience analysis. Often I can just get you going in the right direction with a quick site review or reality check, and you can handle the details on your own. If more extensive support is required, we can do that, too!

I’m happy to take a quick look at something for free. I want to help dojos and their students succeed! I am also available for short-term paid projects with flexible hours. Hourly consulting is available, with easy pre-payment via PayPal, or I can quote a well-defined project.

Email me, and let’s chat about how I can help.