Some photos from O Sensei Revisited III, in Occidental, CA. This very rich, full event is led by Robert Nadeau Shihan, and many of his senior students also teach there. Some of the instructors from this year were Jack Wada, Richard Moon, Elaine Yoder, Susan Spence, Jackie Cossman, Denise Barry, Roy and Paul (my apologies – I need to learn their last names), and our own Dave Goldberg. Also, Mary Heiny Sensei was there participating in discussions and Q&A sessions about O Sensei. Thank you to each of them, and everyone who organized and ran the event (Kenny, Brad, … probably a dozen others, too). And thanks to Jamie for shuttling us from the airport to camp, and back. Already looking forward to next year!

A Few Friends at the Retreat

This is the first of several sets of photos I’ll post about last week’s Aiki Summer Retreat 2013, at Feather River College in Quincy, California.

It was such a pleasure to see so many people I knew! I had met probably half the participants before. I knew a few well already, and got to know others better, and made quite a few new friends, too. These photos are of just a few of the awesome folks I was privileged to spend time with at the Retreat.

NOTE – Click the images above, and then keep clicking to step through them. Each one has a descriptive caption to read.

An Update From the Retreat, Including a Bear!

I saw the rumored dumpster-diving bear tonight. It’s hard to tell from this iPhone photo taken in the dark, in the rain, from across the parking lot, but that organic-looking shape on the upper right-hand corner of the big rollaway dumpster is a rather large bear!

In addition to that late-night excitement, We have had a heck of a lot of really awesome training. Five classes today, beginning with Chuck Hauk Sensei, and then the four main instructors for the retreat. I think it was something like five hours on the mat. Each session is an hour, and there are ample breaks and open mat time.

Each day starts at 7 AM, and tomorrow the guest instructor is Linda Holiday Sensei, who I have not trained with yet. Looking forward to that. I had best get some sleep before then!