Linda’s Lessons – For Aikido Beginners and Their Teachers

I have been getting ready to write a series of blog posts (someday to become a book) of creative visualizations, exercises, and ways of thinking of techniques that help me in my learning and training. Now I also use them to help other beginners grasp concepts, ways of moving, etc.

These are all very non-standard, but are intended to create quite legitimate end results – nothing silly or goofy. I’m looking forward to getting started writing them, possibly one a week for a while, or something. Maybe not on a steady schedule.

So far I have created all of the graphics to be used as headers for the posts, and one as a header for the page under which all the posts will be listed. They will be called “Linda’s Lessons.” So far I have 17 topics, most of which I have tested out when I am teaching classes or mentoring fellow students.

The titles include:

  • The Only Student
  • Shovels & Manure Forks
  • Marionette Aikido
  • “Yet”
  • Be Somebody Else

… and a dozen other interesting ideas.

None of them are online yet. When they are, they will all be listed here. Meanwhile, you can find tons more good information for beginners on my site, including another series I wrote: “Aikido to Zanshin – 26 Essays on the Martial Art of Peace.”