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During April 2016 I am participating in the 7th annual Blogging from A to Z Challenge, posting on 26 topics, beginning with each letter of the alphabet. These posts will be appropriate for anyone with even a casual interest in Aikido. That is, they will not be technical, how-to, or minutiae about the art. They will be highly accessible and inclusive. Please comment with your thoughts and questions. And I hope you will share to help your friends learn a bit about this unique martial art.

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Read the Theme Reveal post: April: Aikido from A to Z – including the list of all 26 topics.

An Introduction to the Expanded Format of Grab My Wrist

As the number of posts and drafts passed the 500 mark I found the linear, chronological organization (newest to oldest) made it difficult for friends, dojo-mates, and other readers to discover, browse, and share information. People would request a particular post, and I’d dig it up email the link to them. Might as well use a telegraph! So, to make things easier and more useful for everyone I’m now using WordPress, which gives us all lots more fun tools to play with.  It’s still in transition, and a few things are incomplete. It seems only the thumbnails of photos were imported, and I think all the embedded videos have gone missing. I have more planned to go in the drop-down menus, and will be adding more to the pages you see, but what’s there now is a good beginning.

You’ll notice there’s a menu across the top now. You can find My Aikido Blog right there, with the most recent post first, as usual. All my posts from the past 6 years are still there, just easier to find. There’s a good search feature, a tag cloud letting you jump to popular subjects, and a month-by-month archive listing.

Under Favorite Posts you’ll find hand-selected collections of my favorites, and ones people request often, with special pages featuring my columns from The Mirror on AikiWeb, guest posts, and posts for horse people. I’ll probably be adding a few more here, eventually.

Next up, check out the Helpful Stuff section, where I’m making it easy to get to things like all my posts about Japanese Words in Aikido, and How To Go To Aikido Seminars, Camps, and Retreats (under construction). One very long page is Thoughts on Promoting Aikido. I hope this will be a valuable resource for the Aikido community, and I plan to add practical information and resources here in coming months, with your help. There’s more planned for this section, too, including reference material for Aikido students (and a few things for teachers, too).

Then we have My Recommendations for Seminars, Camps, & Events, and Aikido Books (a subject near and dear to my heart). Coming soon, pages for recommended Blogs, Videos, Uniforms (especially for women), Training Weapons, and Gear & Gifts. No paid placements. I didn’t get any freebies. These are just things I’ve actually tried and liked.

Finally, because I get so many inquiries, I’m making it easier to connect with me on a professional level. Click on Consulting if you want a hand with your dojo’s marketing, website usability and design, event advertising, or social media. I also offer personalized coaching and assistance to writers, from how to get started with using popular writing, formatting, and publishing tools, to proofreading or editing, and even formatting and publishing, if you don’t want the hassle of doing that yourself.

A Little About Me and My Blog

I have comments turned off here. My other commitments and schedule do not permit the time needed to moderate comments on hundreds of posts. Plus, there are many better and less burdensome ways to discuss things and stay in touch. This blog originally began on, a very active and friendly community of Aikido students and teachers. Most of the posts here exist there, too. If you are a member of AikiWeb, and would like to comment, you can do so on my blog there.

I am a beginning student. Aikido is a martial art that, like horsemanship, takes a lifetime to master. These posts are only my own observations on my own experience. You should not rely on anything I say here. Any inept or incorrect information is my own responsibility, and should not be a reflection on others.